Role of the NPHCP

The NPHCP works towards its vision by:

  • Ensuring regular meetings and communication between members to identify areas of common interest, and to progress work plans and the group’s agenda

  • Actively developing policy documents advocating for positions of consensus relating to primary health care

  • Establishing delegations to visit relevant Government Ministers, Department of Health and Ageing officials, and representatives from the Opposition and other relevant parliamentary groups to advocate for responses to key primary health care issues

  • Establishing working groups to investigate and develop responses to specific issues identified by the NPHCP

  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive communications plan for the NPHCP, including communications with members, development of joint publications, establishment of a web presence and agreed protocols for issuing joint media releases or statements

  • Liaising as appropriate with other stakeholders

  • Developing joint submissions for relevant consultations, such as responses to Senate inquiries.